Piedmont Pharmaceuticals has worked with Katie Shepherd and her experienced staff for over eight years. Piedmont Pharmaceuticals was developing a novel head lice treatment and LSRN Research was there during early development conducting proof of concept studies to enable Piedmont Pharmaceuticals to make educated and informed decisions with regard to the development plan.

Piedmont Pharmaceuticals has done Phase 2 and Phase 3 studies with LSRN Research and in both cases LSRN Research was involved from the review of the study protocol, the submission of the protocol to the Investigational Review Board, consenting of the subjects, collecting valid study data and aiding in the writing of the final study report.

LSRN Research is there for the entire process of the study, product development, recruitment and finalizing the study report. LSRN Research is amazing when it comes to recruiting subjects for studies. Their reputation with the consumer and the industry is unparalleled; consequently subjects trust LSRN Research to provide safe and effective alternatives.

Many Contract Research Organizations only do what is minimally required. When additional work is required, additional charges are assessed, Katie and her staff with many years of experience work diligently to provide a comprehensive estimate of the cost for the services the Sponsor desires. LSRN Research also has a plethora of knowledge about head lice research and development.

Katie and her staff stay abreast of all things dealing with head lice research and treatment. This cutting edge attitude LSRN Research has makes the work they do relevant to the Sponsor as well as Consumer. Piedmont Pharmaceuticals would not hesitate to do research work with LSRN Research.

Kathy Palma, Vice President of Research and Development, Piedmont Pharmaceuticals

Katie Shepherd's understanding of protocol needs, her experience, enthusiasm and attention to detail were all factors that led to valuable contributions to the design and implementation of our successful clinical study program.

William Ryan, Development Leader for Sklice Lotion

Katie Shepherd is an expert in human lice, their treatment and removal, and in counseling parents and children about head lice. In my research I study the evolutionary history of human lice (all of them) to infer evolutionary events in human history. For example, human head lice show the genetic signature of a population expansion 100,000 years ago, which coincides with modern human emergence out of Africa. Katie has helped tremendously with our research projects in many ways. Given the length of time that I have known her, and the close interactions we’ve had, I feel more than qualified to recommend her.

Katie has been at the forefront of her field for many years now, and has set up the preeminent model for louse-removal facilities. Katie has been a source of knowledge for my research group at the University of Florida for many years, and we I go straight to her when I need the most up-to-date information about head lice.

David L. Reed, Curator, Florida Museum of Natural History