Sister Companies

Lice Solutions Resource Network
In 1998 a group of parents become concerned with the increasing number of Head lice cases found in their children’s schools. Sure that this was an isolated situation, they began to research ways in which other schools managed to avoid infestations within their school systems. What they found was even more alarming. Head lice were growing at epidemic proportions -not only in their local area but across the country as well. Nowhere were families -regardless of economics, ethnicity, or education level -truly safe from the risk of exposure to Head lice. Fighting lice was also a costly adventure for everyone, not only in regard to treating it, but also -as many parents have found -in missed wages as they were forced to tend to the painstaking and often uncertain task of removing nits from their child’s hair. It was with this realization that Lice Solutions Resource Network was first formed.

Lice Solutions became a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization with the hope of trying to help everyone who suffers from head lice, regardless of where they live. It is the only nonprofit head lice education and removal center in the world.

The Shepherd Institute
In 2004, because more and more individuals sought certification in Executive Director Katie Shepherd’s methodological approach (“The Shepherd Methodof Strand-by-Strand Nit and Lice Removal) to removing head lice and their eggs, The Shepherd Institute for Lice Solutions was founded. The institute focuses on training individuals looking to start a for-profit business in lice removal. To date, approximately 250 companies across the U.S. and Canada have been certified. There are also certified companies in Europe and South America.
LSRN Global Outreach
In 2009, Lice Solutions developed its Global Outreach program for which Katie travels around the world. She works with communities and orphanages in needy countries to help them eliminate and prevent their head lice problems. Whether she is traveling to far-away countries like Cambodia or going down to Honduras, Katie teaches local people how to treat head lice, ensuring that on each of her trips a piece of her passion and skills is left behind.
LSRN Families
LSRN Families goes beyond head lice; looking for ways in which to address the overall needs of the children it serves. It operates solely on grants and donations.
LSRN Research, The Shepherd Institute, LSRN Global Outreach, and LSRN Families are under Lice Solutions Resource Network’s nonprofit 501(c)(3) umbrella.